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Hagglunds BV206D

Maximum Versatility, Minimum Impact, Legendary Performance

Exerting ground pressure of only 1.4 psi makes this vehicle easy on the environment.



 - excellent performance off-road due to low center of gravity and four-track drive

 - minimal ground pressure, even fully loaded

 - fully amphibious

 - works in all types of terrain and under any weather conditions

 - cold starting down to -52°C

 - easily changed rear body configuration

 - all our units are fully "mine ready" including: lit buggy whip, amber beacon, first aid kit, spill kit, etc.



Rear body options can be set up to match project requirements.  We offer a standard, fully-enclosed front unit including seating for 5 passengers, coupled with either an enclosed personnel carrier (additional seating for 11) or a covered utilty box rear unit.  All bodies are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic with PVC foam insulation.  Both configurations are fully amphibious.


Weight and Payload

                                Front Unit*                    Rear Unit*                         Total

Curb weight       2,710 kg (5974 lbs)       1,620 kg (3,57l lbs)            4,330 kg (9545 lbs)

Payload                580 kg (1279 lbs)       1,670 kg (3,682 lbs)           2,250 kg (4961 lbs)

Gross weight      3,290 kg (7253 lbs)       3,290 kg (7,253 lbs)           6,580 kg (14,506 lbs)

Passengers                   5 (6)                              11                                16 (17)

Cargo space           2.5 m3 (88 ft3)           5.5 m3 (194 ft3)              8 m3 (283 ft3)


Maximum trailer weight: 2,500 kg (5,500 lbs)
Specific ground pressure: 1.4 PSI



Max. speed: on roads 55 km/h (34 mph)
                     in water 3 km/h (2 mph)


Mercedes-Benz 6 cyl. Turbo Diesel 136 hp


Steering System

Hydrostatic, articulated
Turning radius: 8m (26 ft)

Tracks: Moulded rubber with cord

Width: 24.4 in (620 mm)
Four track drive


Electrical System

Voltage 24V DC
Alternator 55A
Batteries 105 Ah, 2×12 V




Tracked Jeep Rubicon

1.0 PSI, Ultra-Low Ground Pressure

Off-roading capability of the Jeep Rubicon is assured by live axle front and rear suspensions, with DANA44 heavy-duty axles, locking differentials, Rock-Trac transfer case with extra-low gearing, traction control, electronically disconnecting stabilizer bar and our own customizations to accomodate a track system.



 - excellent off-road ability due to four-track 4x4

 - minimal ground pressure

 - works in various types of terrain and under any weather conditions

 - excellent traction and hill-climbing ability

 - driver and passenger airbags, ABS brakes and roll bars

 - excellent heating, ventilation and AC

 - top of the line package for occupant comfort




Curb weight                5280 lbs

Passengers                      4



V6 Gasoline, 3.8L

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Torque: 234 @ 4000 rpm

Horsepower : 202 @ 5200 rpm

Steering System & Tracks

Hydro-assist Steering

Tracks: Moulded rubber with internal composite rods/cord

Track Width: 16 in (402 mm)

Track suspension: Concentirc pivot - Rocker arm
Four track drive


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