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Hagglunds all-terrain services



Wildfire Suppression

We offer various configurations of fire suppression systems essential in aiding Initial Attack fire crews.  Whether your company is practicing due diligence to have a fire response unit on-site or there is an emergency stand-by situation, we can offer support.  Our fire skid units can be trailer or Hagglunds mounted to access any location.  We can efficiently transport your crew and equipment to an emergency situation. 


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Our equipment is ultra low-impact, allowing us to open trails and provide safe transportation in challenging and remote areas while minimizing environmental disturbance. This service is key for ice road construction, aiding seismic exploration crews, wildlife and environmental research, soils testing, field scouting, surveying and all your pre-program planning and winter program needs.



Site Inspections and Maintenance

Ensure your project is running smoothly by utilizing our equipment to enable routine field inspections and maintenance.  Remote pipelines, wellsites, valve sites, cutblocks, roads, utility lines, towers and reclaimed projects can be safely and easily accessed to confirm project objectives and identify areas for preventative maintenance.  Let us get you there safely and effectively.



Winter Ice Road and Drilling Pad Construction

If your winter construction project requires the opening of seismic lines, pulling drags to drive frost, water application to freeze in and strengthen access roads, or if you require the safe and reliable transportation of personnel, fuel, tools, etc., Remote Solutions' experienced crew can help you accomplish these tasks with ease over any terrain.



Snow-Fill Creek Crossings, Snow Making, Ice Bridge Construction

In cooperation with Arctic Storm Oilfield, we are able to offer high-output snow making services which promote early winter program startups and extend the duration of your winter project.  A specialized snow making unit can be trailered behind or mounted on one of our versatile Hagglunds BV206 units.



Hagglunds BV206 - Field Maintenance

Remote Solutions provides 24-hour field maintenance and emergency call outs.

We also provide scheduled equipment servicing.




Hagglunds BV206 - Custom Tools

Remote Solutions provides many custom-built tools essential to servicing and maintaining Hagglunds BV206 vehicles.


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These vehicles are ideally suited for oil and gas exploration, pipeline construction, forestry, utility work, firefighting, search & rescue, park maintenance, medic service, disaster relief and crew transport.


Hagglunds all-terrain services

Hagglunds all-terrain services

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