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Safety & Environment


We believe in leading by example and in encouraging and rewarding safe behaviours.


Our personnel maintain a minimum current certification level which includes: Standard First Aid (CPR Level C & AED), H2S Alive, WHMIS, TDG & PST/CSTS.  Our managers are trained in Behaviour Based Safety.  BBS is the application of the science of behavior change to real world problems. BBS focuses on what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then applies a research-supported intervention strategy to improve what people do while at work, and in their day-to-day lives.


Remote Solutions is a member of the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships, ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, Workers Compensation Board - Partners in Injury Reduction program.  In addition, we also hold current SECOR certification.


Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA) are carried out daily to ensure everyone on site is aware of the potential hazards, and knows how to mitigate those hazards.  In addition to abiding by our in-house safety policies, we also adopt our client's safety policies as this is the best way to be consistent with our client's approach.


Remote Solutions carries appropriate corporate liability insurance as well as liability policies on all of our vehicles. Policy details available for review upon request.


Environmental consideration is evident in every aspect of the work we perform.  We operate low ground pressure equipment to help protect the environment we are dependent on, and we utilize techniques and products which result in reduced environmental impact.



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